About Us

«We are a company committed to providing our clients with a reliable and quality service that operates with professionalism and ethics in all the projects we undertake»

Welcome! to Joker Expeditions is a travel agency and tour operator, from the city of Huaraz, Peru. we are a family committed to our customers by providing the best care and service for your satisfaction. we offer a new travel alternative, and specialists in adventure tours, mountaineering, travel and tours in Huaraz, in the Cordillera Blanca, Cordillera de Huayhuash and throughout Peru, and always maintaining a sustainable and responsible tourism.

Joker Expeditions is a company from Huaraz, totally reliable, legal and authorized by the Municipality of Huaraz, DIRCETUR Ancash and the Huascaran National Park, come travel with us and get to know Peru, Huaraz and the Cordillera Huayhuash!

We offer personalized trekking, 100% focused on climbing and trekking experiences with trained and exceptional guides, adequate and safe equipment, personalized logistics, very helpful support staff. our goal is to provide unforgettable trekking experiences to all travelers from all over the world!

Introductory video of Joker Expeditions

Enjoy the incredible natural landscapes, and the work we do to make our adventures unique and different, we offer all-inclusive trekking experiences. Remember «the adventure begins on the road that leads to some unknown place».

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Our Service


JOKER EXPEDITIONS has over 10 years of being a legal and reliable travel agency, creating memorable trips. Your perfect adventure, backed by our experience, come and explore the world with confidence with us.


Discover the world through the eyes of our travel experts who are committed to you every step of the way, with every destination, we create canvases of unique adventures and unforgettable moments. Trust our expertise to map out your perfect journey, where every detail is carefully designed.


Get the vacation you want. JOKER EXPEDITIONS has more than 20 itineraries in both shared and private groups. If you don’t find what you are looking for, we can customize together the trip of your dreams, every detail tailored to your adventure, our planning.


We really are the best option in relation to quality and price Guaranteed! When you book the vacation of your dreams. Rest assured you will receive the best service. If you find a better competitive rate, we would love to hear from you and offer you an even more attractive price.

Our Team

Who We Are

Humberto Huamán

Humberto is a passionate tour guide with a rich background of over 15 years in the Tourism. His love for adventure has led him to specialize in offering authentic and enriching experiences to visitors.

Mark Huamán


Roxana Simons

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Nick Buding

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Our Mission & Vision


To offer unique and memorable trekking experiences that allow our clients to connect with nature and local culture.


To be leaders in transforming travel into enriching and sustainable experiences


Our values, passion for travel, commitment to excellence, sustainable responsibility, personalization and authenticity

Business Philosophy

Joker expeditions Our philosophy in tourism focuses on creating meaningful connections through authentic experiences. We prioritize environmental and cultural sustainability on every trip. Guided by a passion for exploration and respect for destinations, we create unforgettable memories while leaving a lasting positive impact.

Our Recognition

we pride ourselves in offering unique and memorable tourism experiences in our country, a registered travel agency and with recognitions for our work.

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