Mountaineering in Peru, Cordillera Blanca

Undoubtedly, mountaineering in the Peruvian Andes, after the Himalayas, is the highest in the world. The Huascaran with 6768 meters above sea level. It is located in the Cordillera Blanca, the highest tropical mountain in the world, next to dozens of snow-capped mountains over 5000 meters high. Mountaineering is often understood as the sport practiced in the high mountains, that is, high altitude mountaineering. Thus, those who climb mountains are called mountaineers or mountaineers.

Mountaineering in this area is a sport that can be practiced by the most experienced professional mountaineers, who can choose routes of extreme difficulty, and is also practiced by less experienced athletes by the classic routes of easy ascent and conquer the summit of beautiful peaks. And they are classified as follows.

Easy Climbing Mountains in Cordillera Blanca:

  • Nevado Ishinca Perú (5.530m.)
  • Nevado pisco Perú.(5.752m.)
  • Nevado urus Perú. (5.430m.)
  • Nevado Vallunaraju Perú. (5.686m.)
  • Nevado diablo mudo (Huayhuash) Perú. (5.350m.)

Technical climbing mountains in Cordillera Blanca:

  • Nevado Alpamayo Perú. (5.947m.)
  • Nevado Huascaran Perú. (6,768m.)
  • Nevado Tocllaraju Perú. (6.032m.)
  • Nevado Chopicalqui Perú. (6.354m.)
  • Nevado Artesonraju Perú. (6.025m.)
  • Nevado Quitaraju Perú. (6.040m.)
Great Climbing

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